The Amanda Dlamini Girls Foundation, a registered non-profit organisation, was founded upon Amanda’s return from the 2012 London Olympics. The humble athlete wanted to help young girls in rural and underprivileged areas to get opportunities in sports and other avenues thus empowering them.


Raised in the rural land of Harding in Kwa-Zulu Natal Amanda Dlamini has achieved what most young people in the rural areas can only dream of.

Amanda’s first encounter with football was at the age of eleven with a group of young guys in Harding. She later got promoted from spectator to being the only girl on the team. From there on Amanda worked hard to towards achieving her dream of playing in the women’s national team.


Amanda Dlamini Girls Foundation mission is to inspire young girls to make their dreams come true irrespective of their backgrounds and circumstances by creating an enabling environment that will allow them to be empowered through the use of sports and educational life skills.

Amanda Dlamini Girls Foundations vision is to leave a legacy and help build a generation of women who are empowered and treated equally in society.


Check out what the Amanda Dlamini Girls Foundation has been up to in South Africa.

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    To contact Amanda Dlamini for bookings or fan mail: amanda@adgf.org.za For queries about the Amanda Dlamini Foundation: mmane@adgf.org.za